Maritime & Off Shore

For any maritime project, delivering a fast solution is most imporant. Our systems often sit on board of a ship, so our experts are often work with their own knowledge and creativity to fix a problem on the spot un time pressure. We won't offboard until everything works like it should.

The devil is in the details

In maritime and off shore projects we use hydraulic power to create a great force. That means that every detail in the setup has to be checked and set thoroughly, to prevent large consequenties. We're happy to say that our experts in offshore and maritime don't just love the big guns – they appreciate detail too, for good measure.

Maritime & Off Shore
Maritime & Off Shore

Continuous maintenance

Stability and continuity is key in maritime industry. That's why foremost, our work on these special hydraulic installations is preventive. Since projects are sometimes hard to reach, we look ahead together with our clients and partners to nip in the bud any disturbancies that may happen down the line. Then if a certain fecal matter hits the fan, we can be on site before your radar says *blip*.

Our certificates

To guarantee top quality for all our projects, we have all industry-standard certificates and working standards.

Top dealers

We are authorized seller and importer of a broad range of renowned brands.