We are Total Hydraulics, leading in complete hydraulic solutions for ambitious technical and industry projects. Our mission is to advance the industry as a whole by designing smart solutions.


Our mission


If something hasn't been done before, we are happy to be the first to take up the challenge. Our strength is solving complex issues, in situations where standard solutions no longer apply. If others quit or say no, we start adding value. It's what our clients love about us. 


What we love doing


We love to come up and create 'great stuff'. Innovative use of hydraulics for projects that have never been done before. Not just because creating new solutions is what we do best, but because we also believe that making new discoveries is essential to keep on growing..

Our certificates

To guarantee top quality for all our projects, we have all industry-standard certificates and working standards.

Top dealers

We are authorized seller and importer of a broad range of renowned brands.